Be Careful… or you’ll end up in one of my books


Writing humorous ghost stories lends itself to strange eccentric characters involved in bizarre situations that can only happen in a place like Savannah. This is where I find an amazing source of stories, ghosts, and people, and if the truth be known, I must confess that a few of my characters have the unique personalities of my friends, family, acquaintances, or complete strangers.

I don’t describe any people in my books (leaving that to the imagination of my readers). But because of a character’s mannerism, dialog, and actions people will ask, “Is that me?”

On a few occasions I’ve picked up oddball characters from conversations with others. The legend of the Foot Sniffer was told to me by a friend and he swore it happened to him and that it was true. How could I not add this wacky legend into my books?

When I’m fashioning a character, and it’s obviously based on someone I’m closely associated with, I will “warn them” and ask if it’s ok. I offer up a few story details and assure them their character will not be offensive, ugly or mean, but there are no guarantees they won’t be a ghost.

Derek-the-Hog-Killer, Kevin from Medford NJ (Zombie’s Y’all!) and Danielle and Mark (Heels & Souls) have been forewarned as well as McSnyder and Wilhemina Quimbley (Claire Buoyant).

So, if you know me at all, be warned, a small part of you or an adventure we shared, might end up in one of my books. It’s all good, except maybe that time we did what we shouldn’t have done, but luckily we didn’t get caught. (You know who I’m talking about)

Zombies Y’all!

A Savannah Apocalypse! Students and townsfolk gallantly fight a hoard of infected zombies to end the Zombie Apocalypse before Savannah becomes a ghost town without any ghosts!

A Savannah Apocalypse! Students and townsfolk gallantly fight a hoard of infected zombies to end the Zombie Apocalypse before Savannah becomes a ghost town without any ghosts!

Zombies are hot. Zombies are cool. Everyone loves Zombies… Or maybe not.

My third book, Zombies y’all! was fun to write. I stretched my imagination for an interesting plot, but I also had to base the characters in reality, or what some people think is real when believing in zombies and ghosts.

I researched the physical and mental limitations of Zombies. Apparently they exist in a complex world of not-quite-dead-yet. Everyone agrees that if a person gets bit by a zombie, they are destined to become a zombie. And the general accepted rule is that the only way to humanely dispatch of a zombie is to shoot it in the brain.

I used the book, The Zombie Survival Guide, as a reference, searched the net, and watched Brad Pitt fight off speed zombies in World War Z. And although Brad is sexy to watch, I got more from the original book, World War Z; an Oral History of the Zombie War.

My Zombies are unique because they feed on ghosts as well as humans. This gives them a better food supply because, as everyone knows, Savannah is full of ghosts.

I needed some Savannah ghosts for the Zombies to eat and I found great resource material in Haunted Savannah, Savannah Specters, and Savannah’s Afterlife.

I include local ghostly legends like: the door slamming Henry Willink, Rene Asche Rondolier, Matilda, Molly and Francis from the Sorrel-Weed House, Mrs. Johnson, Little Gracie, the stinky ghost from Pour Larry’s and a bunch of other Savannah dead. I combine them with hungry zombies, college students, local townsfolk, a voodoo princess, and a rooster with mental problems. It’s a crazy mixed bag of interesting characters (some old and some new) that make the story explode into a live-action, shoot ’em up game of hunting and skill to end The Zombie Apocalypse. And our heroes will need to keep from being Zombiefied themselves as they try to save Savannah from being a ghost town without any ghosts.

Zombies Y’all! will be released fall 2015 from Vinspire Publishing.

Good Reading Y’all!