I grew up in Delaware, graduated from East Carolina University School of Art, and worked in the composing room of The Wall Street Journal. I am a professional Graphic Designer for The Robert Baker Companies and Northern Nurseries. I live in Savannah Georgia with my husband, Bob.

I write my books on an ipod. I find it easier and less intimidating than sitting at a computer. The best ideas come when I am doing other things, so having an ipod in my back pocket makes it easy to catch those thoughts.

I have lived in a variety of places and experienced different cultures, but nothing compares to the diversity and uniqueness of Savannah. I enjoy exploring the city’s hidden haunts, immersing myself in the low country lifestyle, and most assuredly, hunting for Wicked Haints!

My book Wicked Haints was published by Schiffer Publishing in the Spring of 2013 and is available at Amazon, B&N, and can be purchased in over 12 retail stores in Savannah.

I am very excited to have Dead Man’s Fingers, Zombies Y’all! and Heels & Souls published by Vinspire Publishing. They offer these three books as an e-book and in paperback.

I have two self-published e-books available; But What Do You Do With A Dragon? and Understanding The Zombie In All Of Us.

I am currently working two books, Claire Buoyant; a ghost ship and Coffin Droppings; A Vampire Love Story.

Please visit my web site; www.wickedhaints.com for more information.

It’s All In What You Believe….

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