The Purposeful Plant

I was clearing off the dining room table when something green over one of the windows caught my attention. An outside vine was growing out of the top of the window frame!

It had not come through the glass (that would have been impossible). It did not come in from the bottom and grow along side the frame. This wayward vine had forged its trail through the wall, and come out the small space at the top of the window.

I went outside to discover the plant had begun its journey from the soil, climbed up to the foundation to the outside wood and then disappeared into the structure. Somehow the determined vine found its way around the window glass until it could reach an opening to distant sunlight.

The plant’s quest, to reach that single pin point of light, must’ve been a seemingly impossible task, but apparently this plant had a purpose, a destiny, and the courage to reach its goal; growth.

I was quite impressed with the little vine’s amazing achievement, but I had company coming for dinner and I didn’t want anyone to see a plant growing out of my window frame. It would be bad housekeeping and so I cut the vine off and threw it in the garbage. That evening I served my company a good meal and made no mention of The Purposeful Plant.

Three weeks later I noticed the plant growing again from the same place! Since I didn’t have a dinner party planned, I let the plant grow. It grew continuously from the top of the window frame all summer long.

It was a reminder to me of how a goal, or a dream, no matter how difficult and overwhelming in the beginning, can be achieved with determination, perseverance and conviction.

As people go through their lives they often ask: What is my purpose? Why am I here? They want someone else to give them a reason for being, but their purpose comes from within themselves and they are the only ones who know the answer as to why they are here and where they are going.

We follow our own chosen path and our purpose is the one we give to ourselves.

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