The Armadillo Of Possibility

BlogArtArmadilloI have seen many armadillos in my life, all of them as dead road kill. It was my hope to see one alive.

People told me they had them in their back yards, or encountered an entire family of armadillos while walking around Fort Pulaski.

I was jealous.

I began to think positively. I thought, “I am going to see an armadillo today.”

I did not.

I began to visualize an armadillo. I visualized myself seeing an armadillo and I felt the feelings of how happy I would be when I finally saw one.

I saw no real live armadillo. Only dead ones by the side of the road.

My sister went hiking on Pinckney Island and happened upon an armadillo. She took plenty of photos to prove it.

I was jealous.

I asked her how she had come to be so lucky, and I was not. She said, “You have to put yourself in a place where you will see an armadillo. You need to put yourself in a place of possibility.”

And so I did. One night I drove to the west of Savannah where i had seen the most armadillo road kill. I figured this is where they die so this must be where they live, therefore my possibility of seeing a live one would be better.

It was dark. I was driving and thinking, “this is an armadillo kind of night in an armadillo kind of place with an armadillo moon shining so there is a good possibility that I am going to see a live armadillo.”

And I did! It ran across the road! And behind it came another one! And another! And a whole family too.

I drove really slow and enjoyed watching them. I did not make any of them road kill.

After I passed, I looked in the rearview mirror and saw an entire road full of running live armadillos!

I put myself in a place of possibility and that’s what made my dreams a reality.

Very cool.

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