Where Do Stories Come From?

Where Do Stories Come From. Ghostly Paranormal Savannah Ga

Where Do Stories Come From? Ghostly Paranormal Savannah Ga

Where do stories come from? They come from everywhere. They come out of thin air. They come from within. They come from distant memories. They come from tomorrow’s dreams. They come from conversation. And sometimes they come while riding on a trolley.

The idea for my first book, Wicked Haints, came after I took a trolley tour around Savannah. The guide told us about the superstition that “haint blue” paint on porch ceilings keeps unwanted spirits out of a house. And I thought, what if… The haint blue paint was taken off a house and spirits got in?

The plot for my book Dead Man’s Fingers came to me while walking with Bob down State Street. We came to a small quaint antique shop in a depilated brick building. I said, “That looks like the kind of place where you’d find bones buried in the basement.” And I thought, what if… Bones were found in that basement?

The idea for my third book, Zombies y’all (soon to be released this year) came when I was at a stop light on Oglethorpe Ave and a group of people slowly walked by. They looked like they had been Zombiefied. And I thought, what if … Zombies were in town?

My fourth book, Heels & Souls, (also to be released in 2015) came as a result of me wearing white sandals on Broughton Street. A woman stopped me, pointed to my shoes and said, “Honey don’t ya know ya can’t where white after Labor Day?” And I thought, what if … I just punch this lady in the face?