Sea Fog Lingering Off The Coast

DMF-SeaFogThis morning the weatherman on Savannah’s Death-and-Destruction TV station said there was a dangerous “Sea Fog” lingering off the coast.

It got me to thinking; is Sea Fog different than River Fog, Valley Fog, or Mountain Fog? What about Highway Fog? That makes for tricky night driving. Does Sea Fog creep in with ghost ships hidden in the salty mist?

When I was a kid I thought there was Apache Fog because the weatherman always talked about it. When I grew up I realized he was talking about Patchy Fog. I liked Apache Fog better because it had hidden Indians creeping in to attack the wagon train. I figured the Apache were smart and knew how to use the elements to their advantage. Not like the weatherman who apparently can’t read radar and has no idea that Sea Fog comes with ghosts.

There is a ghost ship off the coast of Georgia known as The Claire Buoyant. It is full of mischievous ghosts sailing to Savannah seeking revenge. She is after all clairvoyant and has supernatural abilities to see beyond the Sea Fog that engulfs her.

It will take a spiritual healer, a root doctor, a psychiatrist, a ghost hunter and the US Coast Guard to solve this problem. Perhaps they’ll need an Apache too. Not sure yet as I am still writing The Claire Buoyant, a ghost ship and I have no idea how it is going to end.