Why I was thrown out by the Girl Scouts


There once was a Girl Scout that sold more Girl Scout cookies than anyone else. When asked what the key to her success was she said, “I asked.”

And that’s my approach to selling my book; I ask people to buy one. It seems like a simple enough plan. Or is it?

Often I make a walk around Savannah to visit book stores and gift shops to place my books and to check how my books are selling. This year I went to a gift store in the home of Juliette Gordon Low (the founder of the Girl Scouts). I handed the manager my book, Wicked Haints, and gave my quick synopsis. I ended by saying my book mentioned the Girl Scouts and that’s why customers would buy my book in the gift store.

“Is your information about the Girl Scouts accurate?” the manager asked.

“My story is fiction. The Girl Scouts are ghosts.”

“Oh no! Oh no, no, no! We can’t have ghost Girl Scouts!” the manager quickly handed my book back.

“But they are not evil ghosts. They are fun. They just throw Girl Scout cookies at people.”

“Oh no, no, no! We can’t have cookie throwing Girl Scout ghosts!” The manager complained and promptly ushered me out the door.

And that’s how I was thrown out by the Girl Scouts. It seemed like a simple enough plan; I asked. But I guess sometimes asking just doesn’t work. Even if they didn’t want me or my book, I will still buy Girl Scout cookies. They are delicious and the money goes for a good cause.

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